Eco Positive Biofuels Project


Eco Positive, Ltd. (herein after referred to as “Eco Positive”) is a renewable energy Development and Asset management company, focused solely on Sub-Saharan Africa. Eco Positive's objective is to Ethically Develop affordable renewable energy and to assist Rwanda in the creation of a home-grown fuel source.

Eco Positive launched in 2006 and since 2008, has been working in East Africa, having successfully negotiated and initiated a biofuels project in Rwanda. The management team has experience that spans large-scale project and programme management, renewable energy, and financial markets.


The current project in Rwanda has employed in excess of 500 people, the majority of whom were women, and has provided very tangible socio-economic benefits to the local communities already. These include providing the ability to pay for healthcare insurance, schools fees, and contribute towards a reduction in crime and vandalism in areas surrounding the project, as detailed in letters to the Ministry of Energy from the workforce.

Eco Positive has an in-depth knowledge of the country, has a strong and collaborative relationship with the local communities of Rwanda and intends to build upon its relationship with the Rwandan government. The Management team recognizes the essential role that collaboration with local stakeholders plays in the successful initiation and operation of projects.

Eco Positive is a global leader and expert in developing Renewable Energy stocks and teaching and training the women and men of the community the skill sets needed to provide ethical, sustainable, and independent domestic energy for Rwanda.