Founder &
General Counsel

Hannah Lynch

Hannah Lynch is from Northern Ireland, a place emerging from over forty years of turmoil that affected the entire island. She grew up in Mid-Ulster, in an area known as “the murder triangle”. A woman from the minority community in Northern Ireland, some of the options available to her were limited. Influenced by this, Hannah grew up with a strong sense of social justice, the need for equality, and a keen interest in human rights issues.

In 2005, after a holiday to Kenya, perturbed by the conditions and differences in treatment between genders in local schools, Hannah and her family set up a fundraising charity. Through the diligent efforts of Hannah and her family, enough money was raised to build a boarding school in the Pokot region of Kenya to accommodate both girls and boys, thus allowing equal access to education.

As a teenager, Hannah volunteered for a cross-community charity, The Spirit of Enniskillen Trust, where she held the post of Charity Officer. She planned and delivered workshops on raising awareness of issues, both domestic and international, that focused on tolerance and conflict resolution. Selected by the Board of the Trust, she facilitated workshops in Germany on personal identity, discrimination, and emerging from times of conflict. During her work with at the Trust, Hannah received awards for her leadership skills.

Driven by her continued interest in human rights issues, Hannah studied Law (LL.B.), receiving honours from Queen’s University, Belfast. She also was awarded the JFK Leadership Scholarship from the National University of Galway allowing her to pursue further studies at Fordham University School of Law, in New York City. After application and interview, she was chosen by the Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic to create and deliver a human rights defender programme to LGBTI refugees in South Africa. Despite being one of the youngest members of the Law School, Hannah graduated as one of the top three students in her Master’s Degree in International Law and Justice (LL.M. Cum Laude). 

Hannah utilized her networking and business skills to create a job as a lawyer for the Irish firm McCabe Law Global, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as McCabe Law Global). Hannah worked in international litigation for McCabe Law Global's clients. She has direct experience in commercial litigation, employment litigation, gender rights litigation, and representing foreign nationals in USA Courts. Hannah has also advised North American and Asian lawyers on European legal issues. 

In addition, the Global Transactional Practice Group of McCabe Law Global invited Hannah to work with them on several transactions in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. She has worked on many global transactions, including on post-Brexit consultations and closings in France, Asian sales channel NAFTA hedge strategies, global commercial real estate leasehold portfolio management, involving the lawyers from Asia, Europe, and North America,  global expansion projects of USA based manufacturing companies into Europe, and the development of a Mexico City based business development strategy for a well-renowned Mexican firm.

In order to enhance her delivery of legal services to McCabe Law Global's clients, Hannah applied and was awarded a place in an educational training programme in the New York City Based law firm of FG McCabe & Associates. The Rockefeller Center based law firm petitioned for a lawyer who could learn and develop a global client base for its litigation and transactional practice. Hannah excelled in this program whilst still performing her duties for the Irish based legal consort.

in 2018, Hannah left McCabe Law Global to set up her own legal business, Kanda Óg, where she is the lead attorney. Kanda Og is a young, vibrant, women-led company specialising in international business transactions, real estate management solutions, and legal processing services.

In addition to Hannah's experience in establishing and working in charities that address the acute needs of community building in conflicted areas, Hannah has the business acumen to create the transactional platform that will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and wealth to the communities in need of such asset building.  Hannah learned first hand by working on Sub Saharan African energy developments in rural East Africa that traditional Investment models with conventionial return of investment ratios will not help to develop the electrification of rural Sub Saharan Africa.

Hannah's work in Africa and her interest in human rights, as well as her work in sustainable development, led to her to found Equality Power in 2017.

Working in Ireland, France, the UK, the USA, Germany, Mexico, India, South Africa, Kenya, Dubai, Taiwan, and now Rwanda has provided Hannah with a wealth of knowledge and skills to provide Equality Power with the steady guidance that will allow the Board to meet its charge to deliver empowering energy projects from Rwanda throughout the continent of Africa.


Board Members



Paula Devlin Mulvihill



Coumba Sidibe



Kuda Canady

Kuda Canady



Lucinda Dhesi

Lucinda Dhesi



Paula Devlin Muvihill is a native of Northern Ireland who lived in America for many years after experiencing the same lack of opportunity that Hannah faced.

Paula has been an active member and organiser with charitable organisations for almost ten years, including a role in funds management since 2010.

Paula was responsible for planning and coordinating several successful fundraising events, raising and accounting for millions of dollars for causes she believes in.

Paula is a wife and mother of four young children. She understands the importance of having female role models and leaders for her family to look up to so that her daughters know that there is no limit to what they can do, and so that her sons recognise that opportunities should be available for all people, regardless of their gender.

Paula believes in the mission of Equality Power and has joined the board so that she can volunteer her expertise to be a catalyst for the changes that need to happen.

Paula believes that women are a force to be reckoned with and that with the help of our donors, ambassadors, and the whole Equality Power team that we can help these women and children achieve their goals in life in a way that is sustainable and has a long-lasting effect. 


Coumba Sidibe is a French legal professional, specializing in international dispute resolution and insurance law. She is currently working as a consultant in Paris.

She completed her Bachelors in law and a Master’s in law in France. In addition, she had the opportunity to study and to live in United Kingdom for a year (London).

After six years of work experience she was very keen to give a new direction to her career. In order to achieve this career change, she completed a Master’s Degree (LL.M.) in International Arbitration and Litigation at Fordham University, School of Law.

Coumba believes she could make a substantial contribution to improve access to electricity in Africa.

Born and raised in France to Malian parents, Coumba grew up in a rich multicultural environment that fostered her passion for international matters. She has personal experience of facing socio-cultural issues and this has led to her appetence for due diligence matters.

Coumba is involved in her local community and has taken part in charitable events in the past. She has also held roles and been engaged in various organisations, such as the Association of students in France from Mali.

Coumba loves to travel and has been to more than twenty countries so far. Her passion for seeing different countries, cultures, and lifestyles has developed her keen interest in international affairs and community development.

Coumba believes that her personal and professional experiences and her background allow her to be part of the dynamic team on the Board of Equality Power.


Kuda Canady is an experienced businesswoman, she is CEO of her own construction /real estate company (Goldstein and Canady LLC), based in New Jersey.

Kuda is also a human rights activist and has focused a majority of her career on human rights issues.

Kuda is a lawyer licensed to practice law in her native South Africa and in Zimbabwe, where she lived and worked for a time. Kuda is a former Magistrate Judge whose passion is to help those whose human rights get violated when there is no one to fight for them. Kuda worked with the judiciary system of Zimbabwe for five years, helping to bring justice to the Zimbabwean people. Kuda is also formally trained as a human rights advocate through her Master’s Degree studies of International Law and Justice, where she graduated with honors among the top of her class, at Fordham University School of Law.

Kuda is also investing in the economic growth of Zimbabwe by providing affordable university accommodation at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.

Kuda currently provides affordable housing and rebuilds property for families in New Jersey.



Lucinda Dhesi is currently based in London where she works for a renowned, multinational corporate law firm.

Lucinda is experienced in corporate and financial law and has a Master’s Degree from Fordham University, School of Law in Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law.

Lucinda has an active interest in human rights work and has been involved with prestigious human rights programmes, through which she was involved in training LGBTI refugees in South Africa. Lucinda has also been an advocate for refugees and asylum seekers in the U.K.

Lucinda has worked for the Victim Support National Charity, empowering victims of crime by providing the necessary support and resources.