Rwanda is the chosen country for the first projects funded by Equality Power. Rwanda is located in East Africa. It is a country that has gone through transition and that is in need of power and empowerment. Women and girls form a significant portion of the population in this country that is making great strides, yet many women have also experienced trauma and discrimination due to the country’s tumultuous past. Lack of power is impairing progress and development. If the women of Rwanda are empowered then the communities of Rwanda will be empowered. These communities will become self-sufficient.

Rwanda presents the opportunity for growth with potential partners in the country. The projects chosen by Equality Power will empower people in the communities and countries chosen to be self-dependent.

Eco Positive and ECOPOW3R have a stellar history of sustainable development in East Africa. Indeed, they are the only developers in Rwanda with such a reputation and pedigree, leaving them as the only option of an ethical developer with experience in Rwanda for Equality Power to choose. The Jatropha project employed a significant number of Rwandans, the majority of which were women. ECOPOW3R is set to install off-grid solar mini-grids to rural communities to bring electricity and, with it, technology, such as the internet, to these communities allowing the people there access to power to help with education, business, and health care.